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Day 1 & 2: Belgium Beer & Champagne France Tour

If you are playing along, we’ll post our daily activities for our 10 day Belgium Beer & Champagne France tour. You can follow along and guess how much our whole trip costs – the person who guesses the closest will get a $50 Amazon gift card.

We started the day with a nice lunch at the airport of chicken, panzanella salad, cauliflower, and wild mushroom broth with a craft beer and glass of wine. Cost:???

We had some time to kill so had another beer and glass of wine. Why not- we’re on vacation! Cost: ???

Because we get to the airport WAY early, we picked up snacks and drinks ( 2 diet cokes, 1 sprite zero, 2 Chips, 1 cookie) to bring on plane or end destination. Cost: ???

So off we go…economy on KLM from Houston nonstop to Amsterdam, then to Brussels with 1 checked bag each. We normally only do carryon bags, but you’ll find out later why we checked baggage- this was intentional for a very good reason.

It was pretty empty so we each scored our own private 3-seat row! So hopefully we’ll be able to sleep. Cost: ???

After a rushed connection and super short flight from Amsterdam to Brussels, we arrived, grabbed our bright red opal rental car- darn this thing is small- but it was brand new with only 9 kilometers. cost for 9 Days:???

So like any NORMAL jet lagged tourists, we hit the road and drive straight to the nearest battlefield. Yep, you read that right, the other half of two Thrifty is a history buff and had never seen Waterloo. Cost:???

We headed to the grocery store to pick up some provisions for the week- 12 eggs, aged Gouda, Buffalo mozzarella, 6 liters of water, 6 pack of Diet Coke, 2 bottles of wine, bread, butter, soup, fondu, aged vinegar. Cost:???

After snacking on some of that delicious aged Gouda (seriously the tops in Belgium), we headed to our first beer stop, the famous Cantillion. A working brewery in the heart of Brussels that makes arguably some of best Lambic beers around.

This place is seriously no frills in a somewhat dodgy area…we walked passed the place twice before realizing we were there. You are literally walking around in a working brewery where they just threw a few chairs around in various corners for people to sit and drink while the daily workers go about their brew work. They make a spontaneously fermented beer that is somewhat sour. Now normally I don’t drink beer- but the one exception is sours. So we each tried two beers. I tried a cherry and raspberry lambic and Charles had the traditional lambic and a darker aged version. Cherry and the traditional lambic won our test taste. Cost:???

We paid our 2 hour parking bill, and headed to our Airbnb which an hour’s drive away. Cost:??

We rented this super cute beer themed converted barn on Airbnb. It’s a good location as a hub to some of the Trappist breweries and is owned by a guy who owns a local brewery and comes with a tap, keg, and whole beer fridge of great Belgium beers that you can try and pay for at the end of your stay. This could be expensive…Charles loves to try new beers. Dinner was soup, bread and cheese- we were too jet lagged and exhausted to go out. Cost???

That’s a wrap for Day 1 and 2. Put a fork in us, we’re done and off to catch some Zzzzs

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