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Day 10: Time to Guess: cost of Our Belgium Beer & Champagne France Tour

Last chance to guess how much our whole trip costs – the person who guesses the closest will get a $50 Amazon gift card. Submit your guesses on Facebook or at You’ve got nothing to loose. Hint- it’s more than $500 and less than $10,000. You are guessing cost of flights (economy Houston to Brussels), nice private accommodations, rental car, gas, tolls, meals, parking, DRINKS, entertainment and tips for 10 day trip for 2 people on a private Belgium Beer and Champagne France Tour.

Sadly it’s time to head home. We got up early this morning and made the 75 min drive to the airport, filled up the car, dropped it off and filed through all the airport check-in protocol.

As promised, this is why we brought full sized bags. There is a 6 bottle traveler case in each of our bags, and between beer and Champagne they are full- plus another 4 bottles wrapped up in clothes. A total of 16 bottles in our 2 bags. Along with some other gifts and two large jars of pickles (too long a story to explain why). And all of this fit within weight limit in our two bags with all our clothes, shoes, & toiletries. We didn’t have to use the expanded zipped area in our bag or use the extra duffle we carry. We are boarding the plane with just one backpack that we are sharing with electronics, stuff we need on the plane, and breakable gifts. These suitcases are 24 inch bags- so not gigantic, yet still we packed all of this in here.

If you decide to try this, know that you can bring back more alcohol than the known allotted 2 bottles you read about. You do need to keep your receipts handy as you may owe tax on anything over 2 bottles.

You may think to pack all this we must not have had many clothes, but for 10 days, I had 3 tank tops and 6 shirts, 3 pants, 1 scarf, 2 hats, 1 rain coat, 3 pair shoes, and underwear and socks for each day. Charles had 6 shirts, 2 pants, 1 rain coat, 1 pair shorts, 2 pair shoes and sock and underwear. We also have a portable duffle bag and backpack as well as other odds and ends in the bag.

We try not to overpack but rarely succeed..alas we didn’t wear everything we brought.

Follow us as we do the big cost reveal this week!

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