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So How Much do Our Trips Really Cost?

For those of you who follow us, you know that we travel a lot and that we share the great deals we find, but you may be asking yourself what about the other costs …. how much does all this really cost? Can you really travel in style without breaking the bank?

How much do you think a private all inclusive trip for 10 days to Belgium and France to do a Trappist beer and Champagne tasting tour for 2 people will cost from the USA (Houston to be specific). I’m talking flights (economy), rental car, nice accommodations (no hostels), food, drinks (thus the theme), gas, tours, entertainment, parking, tips, etc.

Travel with us as we reveal the true cost of such a dream trip. The person who can guess the closest to the actual cost will get a $50 Amazon gift card courtesy of the Two Thrifty Travelers . We don’t know the answer either at this point so follow along and send us your guesses.

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