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1786 Deals in 365 Days- Our Blogs 1st Birthday

One year ago today we launched Two Thrifty Travelers. So I thought I would take the time to reflect on our blog’s one year birthday.

It’s been a crazy year personally with a lot of highs and lows…some of which impacted the way we intended to use the blog due to time constraints. We haven’t marketed the blog at all and we do not monetize the blog with advertising. It’s just a place that we’re sharing travel deals and tips. Our growth has been slow but it’s all been natural and word-of-mouth.

Our original concept was to share and write articles about destinations and itineraries but what I found I was more passionate about and have a skill for Is finding travel deals. So our blog quickly morphed into a place where we shared the best deals we were finding. And boy did we find some deals- I’ve always been pretty good at finding deals but actively looking for them daily has been a game changer. I am truly shocked at some of the deals that we have found and in fact my definition of a good deal has completely changed over the last year. I actually cringe if I have to pay more than $500 to fly to Europe, Asia, or South America these days.

If you are reading this, I actively encourage you to comment on some of the posts because if I know the city you are located, I will start sharing deals from that areas. I see deals from all over the world but I know where a number of people are based out of that follow the blog and so I actively share a lot of deals from those areas. But for every deal I share, I probably see several hundred that I’m not sharing- either the deal is not spectacular enough or I don’t know if anyone from origination airport is following the blog.

We posted 1786 deals this year!!!!!

Here are a few that we posted that we personally took advantage of…

• Dallas to Cape Town round trip $465

• Dallas to Iceland round-trip $228

• Los Angeles to Bali business class round-trip $600

• New York to Athens round-trip $365

• Dallas to Maui round-trip $386

• Maui Westin hotel one bedroom villa for five nights plus rental car. $788

• Houston to Brussels round-trip $375

Looking to the next year, we plan to focus a bit more on ways to earn and utilize Airline and credit card miles. I have been studying the mileage “under world” for the last six months and it’s complex to say the least. However I think I’ve learned enough that I can skim it down and share the best tips and deals I have learned.

We recently launched a daily tip segment that I think will be an easy way for us to share great information in small doses without people having to read an entire article. Plus I keep finding new tips and ways to save money or travel smarter and I think a lot of the tips will be useful for people.

We also plan to focus a little more on some of the great hotel and accommodation finds we have scored. I spend a scary amount of time researching places to stay, having very specific criteria for views, charm, location and of course price. I’ve found some really fabulous places at decent prices and we would love to share some of the results.

If there are other topics that you would love to see us cover, please let us know.

Until then happy travels ya’ll

Two Thrifty Travelers



  1. Steve Hale Reply

    Keep up the good work! Enjoy seeing the good deals.
    If you see any deals to New Zealand /Australia or to Hawaii let me know!

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