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My name is Karen and I have a problem….I can’t stop traveling.

I am officially a travel junkie

It’s a serious problem…like 7 continents and over 100 countries type of problem.  I am often planning 5 or 6 trips ahead of my current trip.   If for some unfathomable reason I don’t have a trip planned in the distant future, I actually get depressed and mope around for days until I can start planning trip again.


I can’t just say “take this job and shove it” and hit the road

Unlike many travel bloggers, I’m not 20 and commitment free…I’m a 40 something year old who has obligations that require me to be back home regularly. So what’s a travel addicted girl to do?   Well this girl luckily made a few decisions that helped.  One, I married my best friend (Charles) who just happens to be “almost” as addicted to travel as I am.  Two,  I opened a modest business that gives me a lot of flexibility at certain times of year and allows me the time to travel for up to a week or two at a time.

So that covers a travel companion and time, but

How do I afford to do this?   

This is the number one question people ask me and something I’ll be covering in my posts.  Sure I could probably do this pretty cheap if I wanted to stay in dormitory type hostels and sleep on the couch of an Airbnb host, but again, I am 40 something and part of my love of travel is staying in interesting places.  And while I don’t need or for that matter even like staying in hotel chains, I’ll admit, I want to stay somewhere clean that I can have my own bathroom.   Better yet, give me a place to stay that has a fabulous view, some history, or is in walking distance of interesting places.    But again, I have to do all this on a budget and I have to plan my trips to maximize what I can see in a short timeframe.    I spend inordinate amounts of time planning my trips.  If I only have 1 week, I am going to make the most of that time.  I don’t over plan each and every day, but I plan to the point that I know the most logical route to take if I’m moving around, what type of activities are around that may interest me, what “must do” experiences are available.  Yes, there is a little type A going on here, but I find that doing my homework ahead of time, really makes my trips run smoother and I find I can do so much more in the time that I have.  And, I can typically save money by planning ahead.

So what is this blog all about….it’s me, sharing the things I find the most helpful for like-minded travelers.   I share my travel itineraries ( which I sometime spend weeks planning), where I stayed, what neat activates may be around that you won’t find in a travel book, what it actually cost me to do these things, how I find these great deals, and general travel tips I’ve amassed over the last 20 something years globetrotting.   I have found in my own research that these are the thing that I find most helpful when planning my own trips.

So if you are interested in Travel, Culture, History, Art, Food, Wine and even beer (for Charles), take a peek and see what you think.

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Thanks from Two Thrifty Travelers

Karen & Charles


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