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Day 3: Belgium’s Beer & Champagne France Tour

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We lazed around this morning trying to get over the jet lag and time difference and whipped up some yummy scramby eggs with fresh mozzarella for breakfast. Charles started his beer tasting early from the stocked honor beer fridge with a beer called “Golden Tricky”. Two super enthusiastic thumbs up from Charles. Cost:???

We hit the road for a 45 minute drive to the northwest to the West Flanders countryside to focus on the highly rated yet elusive Trappist Brew from the Westvleteren Monks. This is pretty much the holy grail for beer aficionados. This beer has been ranked the best in the world and is also known to be one of the hardest to get. There is an actual beer hotline manned by monks that you have to call to try to get on list to buy. They limit the purchase based on your phone number and license plate- you can only buy one case every 60 days.

We called three times and couldn’t even get them to answer the phone. Luckily even if you can’t buy some to take home directly from the monks, the Abbey has a cafe across the street where you can buy one of 3 brews on draft and drink it while sitting on a charming outdoor patio that overlooks hops and rapeseed fields.

Charles enjoyed 2 of the 3 different beers and we shared lunch of fresh tomato soup, Abbey bread and cheese, and some super delish vinegary pickles. Of course, I was the lone duck having a glass of wine. Cost:???

We decided to compare Westvleteren with nearby St Bernardus Brewery. While not technically not a Trappist brewery as they are not inside an Abbey, they had a contract from the monks of Westvleteren for 50 years to brew their beer and while that contract has expired they still have the monks personal strain of yeast and were trained by the monks. Better yet, you can actually buy the beer here and they just built this brand new fancy-schmancy rooftop bar over the hops field that you can enjoy while drinking your beer. Charles tried a Triple and a white (Wit), the triple wining favor by a small margin.

We expected these beers to taste similar to Westvleteren since they had the same yeast and was brewed here before 1992, but the taste was surprisingly different and Charles couldn’t choose a favorite. Although he tried hard, sampling a second Triple. Cost:???

We decided to head back towards our Airbnb and stopped for a yummy dinner at a restaurant I’d read about that served great burgers- including veggie burgers which I love. They were delish and Huge! Cost:???

Beyond one other beer from the stocked sample fridge, that was our day. Over and out, folks. Gotta catch some ZZZs for tomorrow’s adventures.

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