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Day 7: Belgium Beer & Champagne France Tour

Follow our trip and guess how much our whole trip costs – the person who guesses the closest will get a $50 Amazon gift card.

Today we headed out of Reims, 30 minutes south to the birthplace of Champagne, Epernay France. We split a piece of quiche for breakfast and strolled up and down the famous Avenue of Champagne. This Avenue dotted with mansions and famous houses of brands such as Moet et Chandon, Perrier-Jouet, and A Bergere, is quite a spectacle to behold. We even met up with the statue of Don Perignon the monk who invented many of the techniques used to make Champagne.

We stopped along the avenue at house De Venoge, a lovely mansion, to sip some Sunday morning bubbles. Cost???

As we exited town, we realized that we needed gas, however, found only “express” gas stations available anywhere near us. Unfortunately these gas stations are unmanned and it would not take any of our American “non-pin and chip” credit or debit cards. We drove to three gas stations and still had no luck. My general rule of thumb is to fill up at half a tank but unfortunately I did not follow my own rule and was almost dead empty. Luckily, Charles finally sweet talked a nice French guy into letting us pay him cash in exchange for him putting our gas on his credit card. There are still nice people left in this world- either that or we looked really pathetic and panicked. Honestly I think all of the above were true. Cost???

Next we headed an hour and a half south to the historic city of Troyes, A famous city that has some of the best preserved 16th century timber framed buildings in the world. We visited several of the beautiful churches including the cathedral (still unfinished with only one tower since building broke ground in 1208). We strolled along the pedestrian streets getting glimpses of a past era. There are so many of these buildings in Troyes, it almost looks like you are on a movie set.

We stopped in for a small lunch and then headed out to our Airbnb that is in one of these historic timber buildings. Up a creaking and strangely angled staircase, we entered our apartment which is oddly modern considering it’s framework. Cost???

After resting a bit, we headed back out to see the city at night and shared a yummy chicken kebab and crepe for dinner. We weren’t super hungry since we had had a late lunch. Cost???

And that is another wrap. Tomorrow we head back to Belgium to continue our pursuit of beer perfection.

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