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Flight Schedule Change Allows you Options

Daily Tip:  Most Airlines will allow you to change to an alternate flight for free if they change the flight schedule of your original flight by 30-90 minutes.   If you book flights way ahead of time, carriers will often adjust their schedule and your original flight times can change.   The airline will notify you of the change, but if you don’t like the adjusted schedule, most airlines will book you on an alternate flight for free if you call them.   I booked a cheap ticket to Maui recently that had 2 connections!  Not ideal.  The airline informed me a few days later that there had been a schedule change and my original flight was to arrive in Maui 2 hours later than originally scheduled.  I called the airline and got them to change my flight to single connection flight for free.   I didn’t book that flight originally because it was way more expensive, but due to the schedule change, we got the same flight at the discounted (2 connection) price.

Here are the basic rules for some of the common carriers.  https://thepointsguy.com/2017/03/when-an-airline-changes-itinerary/

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